About US

Who we are

The Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOS) works in partnership with leading academic, research, and cultural institutions to enhance knowledge and study of modern Somalia in Somalia and around the world. Founded in 2017 as an independent, nonpartisan educational institute based in Mogadishu and semi-autonomous states, the Institute teaches security studies and supports scholarship, research, and cultural exchanges to build a multi-faceted field of Somali Security Studies and expand opportunities to explore the diversity and complexity of contemporary Somalia.

Our Mission

The Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOS) is dedicated to strengthening the field of Somali Studies in order to promote knowledge and enhance understanding of modern Somalia in the 21st century. The Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOS) works in partnership with universities and think tanks to increase opportunities for the study of Somalia and catalyze deeper engagement with the country in the academic, cultural, and policy sectors.

In Somalia and around the world, the The Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOS) provides scholars, policy experts, and artists with the resources to study and discuss Somalia in a comprehensive and rigorous manner.

Through its various programs, the Institute advances exemplary scholarship in a wide range of disciplines that provides in-depth coverage of Somalia for students and policymakers while also serving as an access point for new learners to become familiar with the country.


In pursuit of our mission, The Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOS) supports a diverse range of programs and activities that inspire, promote, and support the study of modern Somalia in the 21st century at universities and other research and cultural institutions around the world:

  1. ACADEMIC PROGRAMS: We place senior experts and emerging scholars at campuses across the globe, where they introduce students, faculty colleagues, and the greater campus community to modern Somalia through their courses, research, and guest lectures.
  2. PUBLIC DISCOURSE: We lead and co-host conferences, workshops, and lectures on matters of scholarly interest, current events, and important developments relating to Somalia and the world at large.
  3. ARTS & CULTURE:We sponsor the placement of Somali artists at universities across Somalia and around the world to showcase the diversity of Somalia’s vibrant cultural landscape.

Our Institute participates in advocacy efforts but, rather, aspires to promote a flourishing and expansive field of Somali Studies through the sponsorship of programs designed to support young scholars, faculty exchanges, inter-institutional collaborations, research, and public programming.



The Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOS) was founded in 2017 by its President, Ambassador H.E. Dr. Badal W. Kariye, in partnership with the Somali Media Empire (SME) & The Somali Foundation